Roaming Gnome’s Grand Return

NEW YORK He’s a bit stiff and manages to get himself in all sorts of unusual binds, but that’s part of what makes him so irresistible and charming. The Roaming Gnome is back with new adventures. This time, the little guy tackles his travel wish list. We all have one: a list of places we want to see and things we want to do. The gnome’s list is appropriately whimsical, varied and adventurous. In a spot breaking today (actually, two 15-second spots aired as one unit), the gnome screams as he free-falls down a mountainside, crashing into a bird’s perch before the super explains, “Travel wish #11. Cliff dive in Mexico.” In the second spot, the gnome manages to trap himself in the frozen wall of an ice hotel. Each ad encourages consumers to, “Start your wish list at,” and ends with the tagline, “You’ll never roam alone.” The ads highlight the site’s special features, like fare alerts, but the most powerful argument for using the service is the seize-the-day message offered by the pint-sized pitchman. If a gnome can realize his travel dreams, what’s holding you back?