The quest for authenticity, or at least the desire for a little travel, led three members of Hal Riney & Partners/Heartland in Chicago on a fact-finding expedition to the heart of mustard country in France on behalf of client Subway restaurants.

The purpose of the trip was to gather background material for an Internet site trumpeting Subway’s Honey Dijon Mustard promotion. Interactive manager Justin Ware, along with designer and photographer Bob Friese and copywriter Susan Prekel, visited a mostarderie, which sold more than 80 varieties of mustard, a mustard museum and a mustard factory–all to provide photos, illustrations and copy for the Subway Web site.

‘We did learn a lot about mustard,’ Ware said. ‘It’s hard not to in Dijon.’

The Web site features a lawyer from San Francisco who travels to Dijon to check out the region’s rich mustard history, Ware said.

‘Rather than just run a 15-second ad of a sub with mustard on it, we go deeper into the history of mustard, the taste,’ Ware said. ‘We check it out almost in a journalistic sense.’

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