Right Place, Right Time

This year’s poster campaign for the Simon Wiesenthal Center in New York has a you-are-there feel to it, in more ways than one.
Deutsch’s creative work has been linked with the physical placement of the ads. Hence, one ad (a detail is shown here) featuring a photo of the inside of a 1950s bus appears on buses with the line: “You board a bus with plenty of seats up front. But it’s Alabama in 1954, and you sit where you are told.”
Another ad, set to run on train platforms, shows a picture of train tracks at Auschwitz and carries the line, “You’re on a crowded train with hundreds of people. Only it’s Europe in 1942, and you’re not going home.” The tagline is simply: “Remember.”
The goal is to raise social consciousness generally, said center representative Mark Weitzman.
The New York agency’s pro bono work will appear in 20 cities on sites donated by TDI, New York.
–Andrew McMains