Rick Sandler Joins Wallwork Curry

Well-Traveled Exec Becomes Partner, President of $33 Mil. Hub Shop
BOSTON–Rick Sandler last week moved to his sixth Boston agency in eight years, surfacing as president and partner of Wallwork Curry.
Agency co-chairmen Jack Wallwork and Bob Curry said they brought Sandler on board to help build the 25-person, $33 million shop, which has been renamed Wallwork Curry Sandler.
“This is a case of the sum being greater than the parts,” Wallwork said, noting Sandler’s track record in winning new business and his extensive background in developing advertising strategies. “We will not stagnate in the middle. We want to blow right through it,” said Curry.
The trio said they had been looking for ways to link up for more than three years–Sandler and Curry had worked together at Houston Herstek Favat–but the timing was never quite right. “Every time we tried to get together, the [president’s] position was filled or Rick had an offer he couldn’t refuse,” said Curry.
Sandler replaces Maureen McNamara who stepped down last month to join BBK in Newton, Mass.
Curry and Wallwork expect Sandler to bring senior-level experience and a methodical approach to new business that will help distinguish the 5-year-old agency. “We’ve never really put together a new business machine,” said Curry.
Sandler left Boston-based Houston Herstek Favat four years ago and has since moved from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos to North Castle Partners to Pagano Schenck & Kay.
Although he was at PSK for less than a year, Sandler corralled the Dana Farber/Partners CancerCare, Whistler Corp., Webster Bank and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management accounts before an acrimonious parting with Woody Kay and Bob Pagano.
Aware of his reputation for moving around, Sandler insisted that he is committed to Wallwork Curry. “We’re all the same age, we’ve paid our dues and we’ve got the perfect skill sets,” he said. “I feel like I’m coming home.”
Sandler most recently was president of startup firm Hawley Cauley Sandler. When co-founder Bob Cauley left in May, the $5 million shop was renamed Hawley/Sandler. Clients include Fisher College, InfoActive and Predictive Sciences. Sandler said he would bring two clients with him to Wallwork Curry but declined to name them. Hawley could not be reached at press time.
“The one thing [Wallwork Curry] has been missing is Rick,” said Cauley. “Rick’s a great guy. He’s certainly pulled his weight in new business, and I think [bringing him aboard is] a smart move.