Richards Restarts OJ

The Richards Group’s first television work for the Florida Department of Citrus breaks today.

The $20 million, six-month campaign includes two commercials airing on morning network programs.

In one 30-second spot, a black-and-white scene of an ideal 1950’s family having breakfast together is interrupted by a voice-over that says, “Get real.” The modern, in-color family is then shown scrambling to get out of the house, drinking orange juice on the way.

The strategy, the agency said, is to target mothers by demonstrating how orange juice belongs on the breakfast table.

For the last four years, FDOC had focused exclusively on specific health benefits such as cancer prevention and lowering birth defects.

“We thought we had pretty well peaked with groups of consumers for whom that message was appealing,” said Richards principal Dick Murray. “Orange juice enjoys a great aura of health among consumers as it is. We decided to focus on taste and refreshment.”

A second spot by the Dallas agency, in which children are shown raising their juice glasses in salutes to moms, will air around special events such as Mother’s Day.

Radio, print, billboard and Internet messages are part of the campaign as well. Golin/Harris International in Chicago is handling a mobile marketing tour aimed at children, which will feature interactive games, exhibits and music.

“Florida orange juice. The best start under the sun” is the campaign tagline.