Revenge Served With Juju Bees

Gotham, which lost E*Trade’s $100 million account in February but landed Fidelity online trading’s $50 million business earlier this month, is rubbing the ex-client’s nose in it.
The New York agency made a sequel to the bizarre video chairman Stone Roberts sent to consultants after losing E*Trade, in which Roberts takes a pie in the face.
Scrolling text at the beginning of the new tape, which Roberts said he is sending to E*Trade, reads in part: “Advertising created by Gotham helped E*Trade become so big and so popular, they felt the need for a new Hot Shot Head of Marketing [Jerry Gramaglia]. By incredible coincidence, shortly after he joined the company … he canned us.” (Gramaglia could not be reached.)
Cut to a shot of the Spirit of New Jersey cruise boat one day last month. Roberts is seen toasting the Fidelity win with a glass of JuJu Bees, a none-too-subtle reference to ads from new E*Trade agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, which feature a man contemplating the chewy candy.
The rest of the tape features shots of Gotham staffers dancing-if that’s what it can be called-in celebration to the Cher hit “Believe.”
-Justin Dini