Returning To Fort Worth Roots, Dally Vows Smaller Is Better

Fort Worth, Texas, ad veteran Scott Dally has returned to run a new agency he promises will remain small and stay in Cowtown.
The agency’s name, Dally, and many of its senior personnel remain the same, but Dally himself said the growth mission has changed from his former shop. That operation closed last year in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, just two years after reaching $35 million in billings.
“I have no desire to be that size again,” he said last week.
The reincarnated agency is located in the Sundance Square area of Fort Worth, the city which was home to the original Dally Advertising (founded by Scott Dally’s father, Del) from 1959 to 1994. The new shop has eight employees.
Dally moved here in August 1994 to gain larger accounts and recruit from a wider talent pool. What he found, he said, was mostly headaches after an initial run of success.
“Being bigger never made us more profitable . . . and I probably spent more of my time just training people,” Dally said.
The Dallas shop struggled in 1996 and 1997, culminating in the loss of Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits’ $5 million regional advertising account. Dally filed for federal bankruptcy protection in late 1996. The agency was placed into liquidation in September 1997.
Back in Fort Worth, Dally said the goal for the shop is to provide experienced credentials for smaller, $1 million or less accounts. Dally would not reveal his current roster, but said some were former clients.