Relief Pitch

Just like in baseball, some pitches work better on different batters.
Though Minneapolis boutique Hunt Adkins struck out in its effort to land the Anaheim Angels’ ad account, the agency hit a home run when it came to the Minnesota Twins.
In deciding how to best lure fans to the park this year, Twins management called on Hunt Adkins president and longtime baseball fan Patrick Hunt for his ideas. In a letter, Hunt outlined some strategies the agency had presented to the Angels late last year. The main idea centered on ways to bring fans and the game closer together.
Though it wasn’t a formal pitch, the Twins loved the idea, and asked the agency if it could go into production right away.
The result is the Twins 1999 campaign, which features a fan whose stadium seat is located right in the infield. The fan chats with the players, asking them for pretzel money, debating whether cats are smarter than dogs and discussing the team’s low payroll.
The campaign is tagged, “Get closer to the game.”
–Aaron Baar