Reebok’s Phantom Ad

Some motorists heading out of Boston last week were startled by a Reebok ad projected onto the side of the Fleet Center, home to the Celtics and Bruins.
The visual, a giant image of running clones taken from Reebok’s latest ad campaign (shown here), lasted only a few moments before vanishing from sight.
Even more startled than the motorists, however, were Fleet Center executives. When questioned about the ad, officials claimed Reebok’s only presence in the building was the company’s name on a luxury suite.
But the image was real. According to Reebok representative Dave Fogelson, it came courtesy of a mobile projection system, part of the Stoughton, Mass., company’s grass-roots marketing effort.
The image is appearing in New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Atlanta, and heads to Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Detroit later this month, Fogelson said.
“In most markets, as long as the thing is moving there’s no special permit needed,” claimed Fogelson. “They just travel around. They’re there and they’re gone.” — Sarah Jones