Recapturing The Dells

Nobody in advertising may understand the Wisconsin Dells recreation area more personally than Emil Bertalot, so it’s only fitting that the new guidebooks and collateral advertising for Dells Boat Tours are the work of his agency, Sprecher Bertalot & Co. in Milwaukee.
Fascinated with the Wisconsin Ducks–amphibious craft that ply the waters of the Dells–since his first visit there as a 5-year-old, Bertalot sent the company so many cards and letters expressing his interest that he was made an Honorary Duck Commander in 1974.
During summer breaks from the University of Wisconsin, Bertalot was a Wisconsin Ducks driver. That helped land him his first advertising job: An interviewer recognized him from a Dells vacation.
He became a partner at Sprecher Bertalot in 1995 and has landed business from (who else?) Wisconsin Ducks Inc. and, this year, Dells Boat Tours.
“It’s like taking a stroll down memory lane every day,” said Bertalot. –Scott Hume