READING THE COMPASS: Figuring Out What It Is That Makes People Attractive to One Another – Or Not

It’s more complicated than you might think. That’s the conclusion The Decision Shop, a research subsidiary of Backer Spielvogel Bates, comes to in assessing what constitutes ‘attractiveness’ today. Good looks certainly matter, especially when men are rating women. In fact, 58% of men and 71% of women agreed with the statement, ‘How I look is an important part of who I am.’ But the research (surveying the Consumer-Link HBA Consumer Panel) concludes that ‘attractiveness is a very complex issue indeed, and far from one dimensional.’ The report says people assess each other (and themselves) by an ‘Attractiveness Compass’ composed of nine elements: Outer Beauty, Inner Beauty, Body Image, Creativity, Power, Fantasy & Aspiration, Confidence, Physical Fitness and Individuality. On the matter of Confidence, men and women had quite similar responses: 82% of men and 78% of women agreed with the statement, ‘I can do just about anything I set my mind to’ while 81% of men and 83% of woman said, ‘I have a great deal of self-respect.’ Since we value in others the qualities we value in ourselves, says the report, it becomes clear that a good body and a dazzling smile get us just so far toward rating as ‘attractive’ unless the non-physical virtues are present as well. So how important do men and women feel their Inner Beauty to be? We’ll save that morsel for next week’s issue.
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