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All Wired Up
By Kenneth Hein
Samsung Electronics will significantly boost its budget and place all of its products-from camcorders to vacuum cleaners-under one massive “DigitAll” umbrella next month with a $70 million-plus campaign designed to steal share from rivals Sony, Panasonic and Hitachi.

HPLUSH Breaking Apart: Sports marketers reshuffle as old models crumble.


Big Mac Attack
McDonald’s execs square off with
disgruntled franchisees and promise more consistent messaging, simplified menus and multi-shop stores even as the search for a CMO continues.

Heavy On The Mayo
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise gets its first new tagline in 37 years in a $20M push as corporate parent Unilever Bestfoods injects sass and humor into the brand.

Spin Cycle
Maytag taps its bored iconic repairman and apprentice in a TV campaign for appliance launches as the firm seeks to build on a recent growth spurt.

The Wizard Of Ozzy
Sharon Osbourne, wife/manager of Ozzy Osbourne, shoots from the hip about endorsement offers from Taco Bell, Sony and Saturn, how The Osbournes became a hit for MTV, and why her heavy-metal husband is really a softie.

-Six Flags plays with Scooby-Doo and Sugar Ray to give its theme parks a boost. -Dr Pepper prescribes a new non-Pepper cherry drink.
-AOL enlists mystery celebs to utter its envelope-pushing catch-phrase. thinks outside the box.
-Reebok taps Roddick.

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