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Media Strategies 2002
Survey: How Advertisers Are Aiming Their Media Buying Now
Plus: A Q&A With Mediaedge: CIA’s Rino Scanzoni

Autos Rescue 1st-Qtr. Spot
Surprise strength in car spending helps stations through dismal ’02

Satellite TV
Ergen’s Making Enemies in D.C.
EchoStar CEO’s odds to win Hughes get slimmer

TV Programming
Will Seinfeld’s Curse Return?
NBC giving $10 Mil push to Louis-Dreyfus’ Ellie

Rosie’s Out: No Worries
Buyers believe gay revelation will not affect title

Market Indicators

National TV: Active
Second-quarter scatter buying, moving at above-upfront prices, is robust at most of the networks. Upfront cancellation options for second quarter are being exercised at lower levels than in ’01.

Net Cable: Slow
Amid the musical chairs of sales execs,
networks scramble for scant ad dollars. Deals continue to go down at buyer-friendly prices. Studio, pharmaceutical dollars are working.

Spot TV: Steady
Inventory is negotiable across the country. Stronger-than- expected auto dollars save the month for stations in many markets. NBC affiliates benefit from Olympics. Chicago and Sacramento, Calif., enjoy political dollars.

Radio: Building
February TV tune-in advertising is off as non-NBC stations pass on promoting against the Olympics. Activity is picking up in many categories for March, but there is still plenty of room to negotiate.

Magazines: Holding
Due to the financial problems of Enron, Kmart and Global Crossing, banks, tending to their debt issues, are scaling back their spending in magazines.