Rattle Preps Push for Kids’ Hair Salon Chain

BOSTON Rattle Advertising is preparing a campaign for Snip-Its, a chain of children’s hair salons that recently named the agency for marketing services.

One print ad touts Snip-Its birthday parties for girls, 3-10. It shows a young girl holding a magic wand with a huge glowing star at its end. The headline bills Snip-Its as the place “Where damsels in distress turn into fairy princesses.” Another execution cautions, “Absolutely no running, especially with scissors,” along with colorful cartoon renderings of combs, mirrors and hair dryers.

Along with print, radio ads, in-store promotions and brochures are in the mix from Rattle, an independent shop in Somerville, Mass.

“When you’re able to create ads for a great product and for something you have a vested interest in, it makes going to work fun. And when you’re able to do it for someone who believes in strong branding from the beginning, it makes for a great success story,” said Rattle creative director Joe Higgins, who oversaw work on the campaign.

Higgins has a personal fondness for Snip-Its, having discovered the brand several years ago when “I took my 4-year-old son to the Peabody store … after being asked not to come back to my local barber because of the decibel level.”

The client is based in Natick, Mass., and its local locations include Burlington, Canton and Chestnut Hill. Expansion into Florida, Georgia and Texas are planned.