Raisins Return In Minneapolis

The word came as an announcement, not through the grapevine. But the organization that started a national craze some years ago with its Claymation singing raisins is back, and working with the Minneapolis office of Morgan & Myers.
The California Raisin Marketing Board (formerly the California Raisin Advisory Board) awarded its $1 million account to M&M earlier this month. The agency has been asked to help boost raisin consumption in the U.S. Primary marketing efforts will be in the ingredient
and foodservice segments, but there will be a retail component, said managing partner Sara Thoms.
The crooning raisins won’t be reappearing in TV ads any time soon, Thoms said. But she is confident they will be used somehow in the marketing efforts.
“They have a huge amount of equity,” she said. “There’s such a positive energy around them, it wouldn’t make sense to not capitalize on it.” –Aaron Baar