Quirky Is Telling the World Just How Unimportant Its CEO Is

It's all about the inventors

At the moment, you may not know who or what Quirky is—but you will soon.

Founded in 2009 by Ben Kaufman, Quirky is a company that helps bring people's inventions to life. To date, the company has grown to more than 200 employees—with offices in New York and Hong Kong—and pushed over 200 products to market that can be found in brick and mortar shops such as Best Buy, Home Depot and Williams and Sonoma, according to Bret Kovacs, Quirky's head of community.

"We've grown organically the last few years," Kovacs said. "But, as our products become more sophisticated, we have to be more proactive about getting the word out."

The tech invention company is doing that now with its first national ad campaign entitled "The World's Least Important CEO," which was produced by New York creative studio Partners & Spade. The national ads will also be accompanied by a three month campaign to introduce the company to the world.

"With who Quirky is, what better way to highlight how unimportant our CEO is? The campaign highlights how important our community is to us," said Kovacs.

One of the company's first activations, which kicks off tomorrow and will run for the next three weeks, is its partnership with Uber and Aros. Consumers log into their Uber app, type in promo code "Ubercool"purchase a smart Aros a/c unit via the app and branded ice cream trucks will deliver Aros to their homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens with no delivery charge.



This is just the beginning of the marketing plan, according to the company, which is planning more billboards and subway postings, as well as other partnerships.

@iamjohntejada john.tejada@adweek.com John Tejada is a video producer for Adweek.