Who’s the Celeb You’re Most Tired of Hearing About?

Americans may be fickle in picking their favorite celebrities from one year to the next. But when it comes to disliking their unfavorites, they are paragons of constancy. In a nationwide survey conducted for Adweek by Alden & Associates of Hermosa Beach, Calif., 58 percent of respondents named O.J. Simpson when asked to say which celebrity they’re most tired of hearing about. That’s down just a hair from the 59 percent who chose Simpson when the marketing research firm posed the same question for us at the end of 1995. You’ve got to admit, the guy’s got staying power, again pulling in more votes than the rest of celebritydom

combined. Helped along by an interminable election campaign and a torrent of ‘gate’-suffixed news since election day, Bill Clinton (16 percent) was able to break out of his second-place tie with Michael Jackson (each polled 12 percent of the vote in the earlier survey). Perhaps softened by Jackson’s new role as father, respondents dropped him in their dislike to a mere 4 percent of the tally, only a tad above the 3 percent pulled in by Madonna. With such stalwarts dominating the field, there was little leeway for a newcomer to break into the ranks of

America’s Most Disliked. But the great ones find a way, and Dennis Rodman–not even a blip on the landscape in the previous survey–vaulted into third place with 8 percent of the vote, thanks in part to a strong showing among our younger respondents. With all due respect to Rodman’s other modes of overexposure, this must count as a tribute to the power of advertising, since you can scarcely turn on your television set these days without seeing him as pitchman for one product or another. Dropping out of the top ranks, meanwhile, is Newt Gingrich, the previous poll’s fourth-place finisher. Congratulations, Newt!

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