Pyro Pushes Heelys in Mainstream

Pyro Brand Development has launched its first campaign for Heelys in test markets.

The Dallas agency is using “Freedom is a wheel in your sole” as the tagline in its first television commercial for the sneaker-skate. The 30-second spot intersperses footage of a pair of walking feet with a shot of a sneaker that digitally morphs and convulses on screen. As it does so, the walking feet seamlessly begin gliding.

The spot is airing on MTV in select markets. Newspaper ads and promotions at street fairs and retail outlets are also under way. All are precursors to a potential spring 2002 national rollout.

The TV spot evolved from a three-minute video that Pyro created for in-store use.

“It’s lifestyle and action and gets across the idea of kids having fun,” said Pyro associate creative director Christian Wojciechowski. “Plus, as an adult you get to see what kids are doing these days.”

As part of the concept of getting a glimpse of the teenage world, the agency also created three posters. Each piece consists of brightly colored blurs “with a little snip of clarity” that reveals telling details, said Wojciechowski.

The work repositions Heelys from a “skater” demographic to a fun-loving, mainstream audience.

Creative credits go to music and sound designer Mike Hirsch, copywriters Josh Cannon and Ron Henderson and photographer Cheryl Dunn.