Publicis Makes It ‘Real’ for Champion

DALLAS Publicis in Mid America promotes the love of sport and performance in its new advertising campaign breaking today for Champion Athleticwear.

Billings for the campaign are estimated to be between $10 million and $20 million, the client said.

“Greed vs. Love” is the first 30-second television spot from the Dallas shop for the athletic apparel manufacturer. It opens with a professional basketball player dribbling a ball during a critical game. The voiceover asks, “When did the logo on your shoe become more important than the heart on your sleeve?” As two boxers fight in a ring with a dollar bill floor, the voiceover continues with, “Where have all the champions gone?”

The commercial then breaks to “real” people playing touch football, competing in a street basketball game, practicing yoga and kickboxing in a gym. The narrator then answers the last question: “We’re still out there. You’ll find us in places were the lights don’t flash.”

The spot ends with the voiceover, “The only contract you sign is with yourself. We are champions. And we’re not going anywhere.” As a lone woman begins jogging down a street in Champion apparel, the “Be your own champion” tagline appears.

The campaign is intended to reinforce the Champion brand and targets active adults, Champion president and chief executive officer Bob Hall said.

“Champion provides a lot of creditability in an age where creditability is scarce,” said shop creative director Shon Rathbone. “They realized that a lot could be better in sports marketing and they’re in a position to say something.”

The campaign includes another 30-second commercial and two 15-second spots that will run on national network and cable TV stations. Print ads break in July and will appear in periodicals such as Sports Illustrated, Outside and Shape.

Publicis won the account of the Winston-Salem, N.C.-based client, a division of Sara Lee, in September following a review.

Champion’s last campaign from Mullen in Winston-Salem ran over a year ago. That work’s tagline: “It takes a little more to make a champion.”