Publicis Creates Field of Dreams

Publicis in Indianapolis’ first branding campaign for Old National Bank uses dreamy im-agery to position the client as a financial institution where businesses and consumers can reach their goals.

Three 30-second spots break Monday on cable and network stations across the bank’s five-state market area of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. Print executions broke in 45 Sunday newspapers in the same states.

The campaign carries the tagline “Reach” and depicts children in dream-like sequences running across fields to attain various goals.

“We all have dreams and people can relate to children, particularly females,” said Lori Danielson, vice president of marketing at the Evansville, Ind., bank holding company.

The bank’s target audience is women, ages 25-54. “Our research showed that 70 percent of women do the financial planning in a household,” Danielson said.

The bank looked at three to four different creative ideas from Publicis before deciding to center the spots around children reaching for their dreams, Danielson said.

One spot shows a girl strolling through a field. “With good financial planning the future can be managed,” a voiceover says. The girl then reaches up to grab an apple from a tree. “And to get you there all you have to do is ‘Reach,’ ” the voiceover says.

Another commercial shows a different girl riding on a carousel in the middle of a field as she reaches for a gold ring. The voiceover says, “Running your own business is an adventure.”

The spots were shot over two days on a farm in Morrisville, Ind., Danielson said.

“Your bank for life.” was the tagline in the client’s previous advertising. A new theme was sought in an effort to better express the company’s expanded offerings, Danielson said.

To win the business, Publicis bested two other review finalists, incumbent Keller Crescent, Evansville, and CVR MARC, Indianapolis.

Campaign spending was not disclosed.