Public Storage Taps Inter/Media

Public Storage has called on Inter/Media Advertising to add a direct response TV component to its media mix, agency president Robert Yallen said.

Using toll-free phone numbers and highly targeted media spending, the strategy focuses on markets where the client’s storage facilities have abundant unused space. The direct response effort is budgeted at $10-15 million, sources said.

The 31-year-old Glendale, Calif., company has 1,500 facilities in 80 North American cities. It uses Dailey & Associates, West Hollywood, Calif., for branding work that also promotes shipping products available for sale. Client executives could not be reached for comment.

The direct response element is designed with more immediacy in mind. TV spots are aimed at ensuring Public Storage’s 800,000 self-storage spaces have a minimal number of vacancies.

Yallen said Inter/Media will use its proprietary tracking system, AccuTrak, to make adjustments in the marketing plan as needed. The system’s flexibility, he said, allows the agency to address the client’s needs on a daily basis and focus on markets with the high vacancy rate.

“We can fine-tune the media mix based on what daypart works best and other specific elements,” said Yallen. He added that the approach can identify which ads prompt the highest level of response and fashion the media spending accordingly. Yallen said the effort will complement Dailey’s work. “Every dollar spent is a brand-building dollar,” he said.

Inter/Media in Encino, Calif., also uses Accu Trak for a U.S. Army recruitment campaign, Yallen said.