The Summer Olympics may have offered a high profile venue for advertisers, but a recent study suggests that public service announcements stayed in the running throughout the two-week event.

Bonneville Communications, a major producer of PSAs, conducted the study out of concern that some of its non-profit clients may get cold feet when high profile programming dominates the airwaves.

Using Nielsen Media Research, the Salt Lake City agency found that PSAs were as prevalent during the Olympics as they were in the weeks leading up to and following the Games.

An agency researcher also looked at PSA activity during the Winter games in Nagano, Japan, two years ago—and found the same result. In addition, there was no discernible change in the level of PSAs on the other networks.

“PSAs are alive and well and the major networks and their affiliates remain committed to the cause,” said Timothy Doot, vp of the agency.

He added Bonneville’s interest was piqued by the fact that the next Olympics will be held in Salt Lake City.