Providence Is Reality TV Capital

NEW YORK Providence, R.I., has the most reality television viewers, followed closely by Flint, Mich., and Cincinnati, according to a study by Scarborough Research.

The study found that 30 percent of consumers in Providence “typically” watch reality TV programs, while 29 percent tune in in both Flint and Cincinnati. Other markets scoring high for reality TV viewers include Oklahoma City, Grand Rapids, Mich., and Louisville, Ky., (28 percent), Raleigh/Durham, N.C. (27 percent) and Sacramento, Calif., Columbus, Ohio, San Francisco/Oakland, Kansas City, Albany, N.Y., and Toledo, Ohio (all 26 percent).

Los Angeles. Chicago and Houston each have 25 percent of their viewers watching reality programming. New York is down on the list with 19 percent of its viewers that typically watch reality TV. The national average who tune in to reality TV is 23 percent.

Broken down into subcategories, Providence and Cincinnati are the top local markets for reality-adventure TV, while Los Angeles, Grand Rapids and Kansas City are the leaders for reality-dating type shows.

“Scarborough’s information about TV genre viewing at the local level helps advertisers to truly understand the differences in the way consumers in different cities use television,” said Cheryl Greenblatt, senior vp, broadcast television, Scarborough Research.

The survey also shows that reality TV fans are 40 percent more likely than all viewers to be in the 18-34 age range, and 12 percent more likely than all consumers to be white-collar workers. Slightly more than half of all reality TV viewers have at least one child.

As far as buying habits go, reality TV viewers are avid restaurant patrons, and tend to be heavy buyers of cars, sporting event tickets and cellular services.