Print Ad Proves Potent

It took only a week to produce and it was just a simple shot of a motorcycle and a tagline. But Della Femina/Jeary and Partners’ first work for American Quantum Motorcycles made quite a splash.
The motorcycle (shown here) looked great, with its luster and trademark Qs. Even the tires looked shiny. But this print ad will be remembered more for its tagline than its brilliant photography.
“For the 65 million men who don’t need Viagra,” it states. At the bottom was the company name, its phone number, Web address and the obligatory footnote: “Viagra is a trademark of Pfizer Inc.”
Agency chairman and creative director Jerry Della Femina got the idea on a Monday.
The next day he had a mock-up in his hands, and the following Tuesday it ran on the back page in The Wall Street Journal, said Michael Jeary, president and chief operating officer. It appeared just once in a single publication, but within a day, the Melbourne, Fla., client had received 149 calls, client representative Melissa Kirkpatrick said. Now that’s instant gratification.
– Andrew McMains