Preventative Measures

Little is said of the growing problem of elder abuse in today’s rapidly aging society, but one Los Angeles agency is trying to change that.
D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles has created a pro bono TV campaign to focus attention on the neglect–physical, psychological and financial–that many elderly people in the U.S. face, in most cases at the hands of a family member.
The first public service announcement (shown here), titled “Spilled Milk,” shockingly depicts a woman who’s just home from work complaining to her elderly mother about the traffic and other pressures. She then proceeds to berate her mother mercilessly for accidentally spilling a glass of milk. The final shot shows the older woman trembling with fear.
The 30-second spots, created in conjunction with nonprofit film production company Impact PSA in Los Angeles, all feature the tagline “Elder abuse. There’s just no excuse,” along with a toll-free information number.
Those wishing to donate media time for the ads may contact Kathryn Clark at DMB&B.
–Teresa Buyikian