Premier Brings Fahlgren Aboard

Cruise Line Assigns $12 Mil. Ad Account to Travel Pros in Tampa
ATLANTA–Acquiring new business should always be so easy.
When Bruce Nierenberg re-turned to Premier Cruises as president and chief executive officer earlier this year, he realized his plate was too full for him to personally oversee the Miami-based company’s in-house advertising operations. So Nierenberg tapped into a 25-year-old relationship.
“I met him when I was on the cruise staff and he was with the marketing department [for Norwegian Cruise Lines] in 1974,” said Ginger Watters, executive vice president of Fahlgren Advertising & Communications in Tampa, Fla. “He called me at home after he started at Premier and said he could review his [$12 million] advertising account, or we could have it. I didn’t have to think twice.”
Nierenberg and Watters have crossed career paths several times through the years. The two have worked together on various jobs in the cruise business during the last quarter century. For two of those years, Nierenberg served as chairman of the Florida Tourism Commission, a Fahlgren client.
“With Ginger involved, we have someone who has been in the cruise [industry] herself and understands how the business works,” he said.
Fahlgren’s first task–redesigning Premier’s logo–is already complete. The agency can now turn its attention to the client’s advertising, putting to practice the expertise it has gained from handling the Florida Tourism account.
“We know all the travel and trade people, we know all the typical media people for consumer magazines and newspapers handling travel trade, and we understand the travel agency network,” Watters said.
She indicated Fahlgren will adopt a twin marketing approach. One effort will be aimed at travel agents while brand imaging will be directed at potential passengers in North and South America and Europe.
Nierenberg, looking at the peak summer travel period, wants a major campaign from the Florida agency by late spring.
Remaining constant will be the cruise line’s colors–blue for the more adult audience and red aimed at families. The latter includes Premier’s signature Big Red Boat, as well as alliances with Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.