Power Brokers

The 50 most powerful women in American business are profiled in Fortune magazine’s
Oct. 12 issue, which hits newsstands today, and among those featured are two figures from the ad world.
Ogilvy & Mather chief executive Shelly Lazarus, 51, is ranked fourth, although she told the magazine, “I don’t feel powerful.” Lazarus also talks of the differences between women and men. “Men like to issue orders,” she told Fortune. “They like to feel powerful.
I get no thrill out of being powerful.”
Ranked 43rd is Linda Srere, president and chief executive of Young & Rubicam in New York. Srere, 43, was promoted to vice chairman, chief client officer of the shop’s holding compay last week.
The magazine (shown here) chose its top 50 women based on “revenues and profits controlled, influence inside the company, the importance of the business in the global economy and its impact on American culture.” Additionally, “Politics and the nonprofit sector were excluded.”
–Sloane Lucas