PointRoll Debuts TomBoy Transformable Ad

NEW YORK PointRoll has introduced a new rich media ad format, which the company claims can be created with any Web design tool and delivered in any existing ad space across virtually any Internet site.

The ad, known as the TomBoy, allows for hundreds of K of file size and can contain any combination of messaging or imagery, including video, audio, animation, Flash, Java, GIF and JPEG.

As a Web page is displayed, PointRoll’s technology downloads a static placeholder ad, which is then transformed into a rich media ad. When a user rolls the mouse over the TomBoy, the ad exposes panels that can carry brand, product or service information and collect data.

Omnicom Group’s TBWA\Chiat\Day and Publicis Groupe’s GM Planworks are already using the TomBoy for Absolut and Ditech.com, respectively.

The Fort Washington, Pa.-based company is introducing TomBoy via a direct marketing, print and online trade campaign from SFGT in Philadelphia. The effort, which personifies the TomBoy ad through an 8-year-old girl with street smarts and attitude, will run for two months.

PointRoll also has other ad formats, such as the FatBoy expanding banners, TowelBoy snap-back units and BadBoy floating ads.

Last week, the online ad technology company said that Alloy, BusinessWeek Online and iVillage joined publishers like NYTimes.com, America Online and Yahoo! in offering its rich media products to their advertisers at no additional cost.