Point Blank

With a poignant representation of New York City as part of a bull’s-eye for terrorists targeting nuclear plants, a new spot for Riverkeepers hopes to bring about the closing of the Indian Point plant in Westchester County, New York.

Avenging Angels, a New York agency that specializes in advocacy advertising, created the 30-second commercial with Alex Weil, director of Charlex in New York.

The spot likens the area around the plant to rings in a bull’s-eye that is a target for terrorism. Weil synchronized 400 satellite images into a moving map that shows New York City within the “peak injury zone,” in the event of an attack. A voiceover asks viewers to call New York Gov. George Pataki and “tell him this is one nightmare we don’t have to live with.”

Most of the satellite images were free for the taking on the Internet, Weil said, but he bought the “big, juicy” close-ups of the plant and Manhattan from Space Imaging, which provided some of the recently published satellite photos of Iraq.

The spot, part of a new campaign for Riverkeepers, broke last week on cable and on some broadcast stations in and around New York City. The effort also includes radio spots, newspaper ads, and posters in Grand Central Station and on suburban train lines.