The April Fools’ Day Gag of the Year

It involved Jack, Warren and some Playboy Mansion blueprints.

To the north, underground tunnels from the Playboy Mansion designed for use by Jack Nicholson and James Caan. In an easterly direction, one leading to Warren Beatty’s house on Sunset Blvd. And pointing south, a fourth underground passageway with Kirk Douglas’s name on it. We didn’t want to let 2015 end without another look at’s hilarious April Fools’ Day gag.

The joke item was elaborate, complete with staged photos and mock blueprints. It was posted March 30 rather than April 1, to throw people off the joke track. And as a reminder of the pick-up-and-run-it nature of Web journalism, nine months later, many of the outlets that dutifully spread the bogus circa 1977-to-1989 word still have not updated with the punchline.

That Playboy punchline item ends this funny-bunny business with a ‘PPS – Sorry, John Oliver.’ We believe that’s in reference to this.

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