Pitts Quits MZD, Starts Strategic Marketing Shop

Ask strategic planner Peter Pitts for the strategy behind his new venture Wired World Communications and he sums it up with a buzzword he’s been hearing: “coopetition.”
The amalgamation of cooperate and competition is the theory driving the new Indianapolis-based strategic public awareness firm, said Pitts, managing partner and founder of Wired World.
“You can compete with other media marketers along with cooperating with them,” he said.
Wired World opened its doors this month and will focus on strategic marketing. The company plans to offer public affairs, strategic planning and marketing services.
“We’re not an ad agency,” Pitts said. “We don’t do TV. But we do have alliances with agencies
that do.”
Wired World has, in fact, formed a strategic alliance with Miller Brooks, an Indianapolis advertising agency, but will work with whatever agency best serves the client’s needs, he said.
Pitts, a former director of strategic planning and marketing at Montgomery Zukerman Davis, left that Indianapolis shop in January, but not empty handed. He took with him two MZD clients, IndyGo and Cardinal Health Systems, which are now among Wired Worlds accounts.
Wired World’s roster also includes Indianapolis-based clients Meridian Insurance, a regional insurance provider, and Volatus Technology Group, a firm that provides capital and business infrastructure to Internet companies. Also among the agency’s accounts is HAS Inc., a computer consulting firm.
Pitts estimates the shop is starting out with $2.5 million in billings. He and his two staffers will continue to aggressively pursue new clients, both regional and national, in the business-to-business, technology and healthcare sectors.
“If you don’t play to win, you’re going to lose,” he said.
An MZD representative said the agency has no plans to replace Pitts since there are others on staff doing strategic planning. Pitts and MZD chairman Bob Montgomery co-authored the book Become Strategic or Die, which combined strategic business principles with Sun Tzu’s classic Chinese text, The Art of War. K