In Pitch, Project Gets a Shop That Works on Big Brands

Clients include Burger King, Pepsi

In its acquisition of Pitch, niche holding company Project: WorldWide gets another small agency but one that works on big brands.

Pitch's largest account is Burger King, for which it creates general market ads in the U.S. That relationship dates back to 2008, when the agency opened as an entertainment marketing shop, and grew as it branched into general market advertising at the end of 2009. Pitch became the chain's lead agency in North America late last year.

The agency, which is based in Culver City, Calif., also works for the likes of Pepsi, Meineke, Living Spaces and Closet Factory. The Pepsi relationship began in February with a Wild Cherry Pepsi assignment and, as a roster shop, Pitch also gets opportunities to put forth ideas on other brands.

Big picture, the little agency with 62 staffers and more than $15 million in revenue has benefitted from the trend among big marketers to break up their advertising assignments among several shops rather than rely on just one. Other benefactors of this trend include Vimby in Van Nuys, Calif., which creates ads for Walmart, and Mekanism in San Francisco, whose clients include Pepsi and General Electric.

At privately held Project, Pitch joins a portfolio of 11 agencies that includes Argonaut, Partners & Napier, Motive and event marketing specialist George P. Johnson. Project is purchasing 100 percent of Pitch. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The holding company launched in 2010.