Golf, as most ad people will tell you, is not just a game. It’s an obsession. Those who walk the links also know that humor is a big part of it.
It’s a chip shot to the green, then, to understand Bob Matsumoto’s current small-business undertaking. Matsumoto, a veteran L.A. creative leader who worked for DDB and Della Femina/
Travisano and was a principal in his own shop, Matsumoto/Herzog, designs and sells his own brand of golf note cards. In just a few months, the concept has taken off like a Tiger Woods blast down the fairway.
Countrywide Home Loans, Calabasas, Calif., ordered some for its annual “Tradition” senior PGA event in Scottsdale, Ariz. The note cards, which feature humorous takes on the sport–“Let’s do golf” says the front of one, and on the inside, “Just bring your wallet”–were used as tee prizes for the tournament. The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and the tony Los Angeles Country Club have also placed orders.
After so many years as an adman, it looks like Bob Matsumoto has finally found his swing.
–Jack Feuer