phoenix rising

E.B. Lane Marketing Communica tions, a Phoenix-based ad agency, is sprucing up its hometown with a new branding campaign designed to redefine the city center and polish up its image.

All 90 square blocks of the city’s newly titled Copper Square will be adorned with banners, murals and signage in an effort to increase public awareness and establish the new downtown borders. The Downtown Phoenix Partnership, which hired E.B. Lane for the job, wants to create a heightened sense of intimacy within the downtown area to help boost tourism, business and residential investment.

Putting its faith in alchemy, E.B. Lane plans to help mold the sprawling district into a thriving community of history, culture, enter tainment and business, said Jeff Miraglia, agency creative director.

“Downtown Phoenix sprawls outward, and we need to bring it in,” he said. “We are linking everything together to create a single destination.”