Phoenix Media Begins Work on Nightlife Mag

The Phoenix Media Communications Group in November will launch Stuff Night, a magazine covering Boston’s party and entertainment scene, with a focus on nightlife.
“We believe that Boston has become much more hip than it used to be,” said Phoenix Media’s national sales and marketing director Carola Cadley.
Stuff Night will be published twice a month, claim a startup circulation of 80,000 and be distributed free of charge in news boxes, retail outlets, restaurants and clubs. A full-page, four-color ad costs about $3,400. The target audience is 21-35-year-old urbanites.
Stuff Night’s numbers are similar to those of competitor The Improper Bostonian, also a Boston-based magazine focusing on local arts and the nightlife scene and targeting the 21-45 crowd. The Improper Bostonian is distributed free of charge and claims a circulation of 81,000. A full-page, four-color ad costs about $3,300.
“I’d be foolish to say there isn’t competition from The Improper Bostonian,” Cadley said. “But that’s not the reason” for starting Stuff Night, she maintained.
“It sounds to me like [Stuff Night] is going to cannibalize [Phoenix Media’s] own [established] products. Time will tell” whether there’s enough of an advertiser base to support both The Improper Bostonian and Stuff Night, said Mark Semonian, publisher of The Improper Bostonian.
The startup will differentiate itself from Phoenix Media’s properties by eschewing news and reviews, staples of the Boston-based company’s flagship weekly The Boston Phoenix, and by not focusing on the arts, like the monthly Stuff Magazine, Cadley said. Instead, Stuff Night will concentrate on “interviews, lots of photos and [features] on the habits of night people,” Cadley said.
She declined to disclose current advertisers but said both local and national accounts are being solicited and a 50/50 ad-to-edit ratio is expected.
The debut issue is being put together by existing Boston Phoenix and Stuff Magazine employees under group publisher Stephen Mindich and group editor Peter Kadzis. An editor, advertising sales director and other staff are still being sought.
A Stuff Night site on the World Wide Web is also being planned.