The U.S. Census recently reported more than 132,000 people were added to Phoenix’s population last year, making it the third fastest growing market in the U.S. Since 2001, the TV market has moved up in rank from 17th in 2001 to 12th today.

A little more than a year ago, the market welcomed the opening of Westgate Center, a complete, self-contained lifestyle center (live, work and play). Westgate advertising is managed by Phoenix-based Clear Channel Outdoor’s Branded Cities unit. Clear Channel also offers a digital board network and has the airport advertising. CBS Outdoor offers arena and mall advertising and street furniture.

In early April, Phoenix became Nielsen’s 14th local people meter market. It’s also the first market where Nielsen’s TV sample includes cell phone-only homes, ensuring that the TV viewing habits of younger viewers are more likely to be counted.

Competition among the market