PGC Gives Moosehead New ‘call’ Of The Wild

DALLAS: PGC Advertising here has launched the initial phase of a $5.5 million campaign for Moosehead Canadian Lager as the brew’s new domestic distributor, The Gambrinus Co. of San Antonio, more than doubles previous ad support.
With the tagline “Heed the call,” Moosehead is seeking to reposition the brand into its perceived “great outdoors persona” that Gambrinus uncovered in research in six markets. The multifacted creative push by PGC and Gambrinus will encompass the remainder of 1997 and all of 1998.
Print work will inaugurate the new campaign, with television and radio following later this month. The effort will be aimed at branding Moosehead as a lifestyle premium beer, said Gambrinus marketing director Ron Christesson.
“There are very few brands that connect with consumers on an experiential level,” said Christesson. Gambrinus re-cently brought beer distributors to the Whistler resort in British Columbia to announce the new campaign in the “great outdoors.”
PGC’s assignments will also include sales promotions and in-store merchandising initiatives. The targeted print advertisements will be in outdoor life and male-oriented magazines. Television work will be concentrated on outdoors programming, with no network TV buys scheduled.
Moosehead spent nearly $2 million on 1996 advertising, according to Competitive Media Reporting.
PGC was awarded the Moosehead account earlier this year without a review. Christesson said at the time the brewer was impressed with PGC’s strategic planning capabilities and knowledge in product distribution channels that could be used for the brand’s nationwide launch.
Gambrinus earlier this year acquired Moosehead’s distribution and marketing rights from Guinness Import Corp. in Stamford, Conn., which had assigned the account to Weiss, Whitten, Stagliano in New York. The company imports 16 brands, including the Corona and Modelo lines from Mexico. It also owns the Spoetzl Brewery, producer of Shiner beers.