Pfizer Spots Use Education Angle

Pfizer broke a spot last week discussing erectile dysfunction—the first on the subject since Pfizer’s Viagra ads were pulled from the air in 2004, following FDA criticism. The effort is unbranded and educa- tional, encouraging men to call a help line to talk about the condition. “Make the call” is the theme, and it is supported by a Web site with that name. Pfizer vowed earlier this year to make more informative ads. Independent Digitas in N.Y. created the ad, said a Pfizer rep.

Reborn AT&T Prepares Ad Push

DALLAS The telecom giant created by the AT&T and SBC Communications merger began operating last week with a new AT&T logo that represents the first step in the most expensive brand-building campaign in either company’s history, the client said. Omnicom’s GSD&M in Austin, Texas, and Rodgers/Townsend of St. Louis will handle the work that breaks this month. In January, both shops will launch brand-image work.