PeopleSoft’s Dark Side

Adapt to E-Business or Else, Say KB&P Ads
SAN FRANCISCO–Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners West’s new TV spots for software developer PeopleSoft encourage business leaders to ponder the fate of their companies as the e-business revolution rolls on: Will they be players, or will they become extinct?
The ads, which broke nationally last week, are KB&P West’s first for the client since winning the $15 million account earlier this year. The tagline is, “PeopleSoft. Applications for e-business.”
The three black-and-white spots all feature a mysterious bearded man in a trench coat. He is PeopleSoft’s “spokesman for the future of e-business,” said KB&P West executives.
One spot shows the man standing at a train station in what looks like Eastern Europe. He says to the camera, intensely, “You no longer control your company. Your customers have taken over, and they know what they want. If you don’t pay attention to them, they’ll find someone who does. How do you like your new boss?”
Shots of the train yard and trains flash intermittently on screen as the man speaks.
“Our goal is to let business leaders know that our focus is 100 percent on e-business applications and the Internet,” said Jeff Carr, senior vice president of global marketing at the Pleasanton, Calif., company.
Print ads offering details about PeopleSoft’s e-business applications such as eStore and eProcurement also launched nationally last week.