Pennzoil Touts ‘Factory Clean’ Motor Oil

“Factory clean.” That’s the theme of a campaign for Pennzoil Ultra, a new motor oil that promises to keep car engines in a similar condition to when they left the factory.

Pennzoil is hoping the message will resonate with car enthusiasts or those who simply want to keep their engines in good shape. “‘Clean’ is the core requirement for motor oil and the holy grail for car enthusiasts. The campaign grew out of the brand’s vision for the product,” said George Levy, svp/creative director at Doner, Pennzoil’s lead agency and the campaign’s creator.

In the TV spot, breaking today (Monday) on USA Network, TBS, TNT and The History Channel, a robot-like machine is shown performing maintenance on a car. As it pours Pennzoil Ultra in the engine, the voiceover says: “Nothing feels like a factory clean engine and nothing keeps your closer to factory clean than new Pennzoil Ultra motor oil.” A man is then shown revving up the car’s engine, and the camera pans out and reveals that the maintenance is taking place inside a home garage, not a factory garage.

The multiplatform campaign also includes print ads—running in Car and Driver, Engine Builder, Sporting News and Popular Science—and updates to Pennzoil’s Web site, The site’s homepage prominently features Pennzoil Ultra and a contest dubbed “The Ultra Driving Experience.”

In addition to the ads and its site, Levy said Pennzoil promoted the new product during a Nascar race this weekend. Car #29, driven by Kevin Harvick, featured the Pennzoil Ultra paint scheme and branding.