A Patrick Of All Trades

When one is building an agency from the ground up, it is not uncommon to handle more than one job to save a few bucks. To wit: Patrick Scullin of the nascent Ames Scullin O’Haire in Atlanta is creative director, copywriter and on-air talent in a TV campaign breaking for new client Kash ‘n’ Karry grocery stores.
One of the TV spots talks about how the supermarket can provide everything one needs for dinner as well as dinner conversation. When the latter is mentioned, a shopper is seen pulling The Weekly Truth tabloid from a checkout line rack. On the cover is a “Lost Tourist Found on Mars” headline and against the Martian landscape is a waving Scullin clad in shorts, shades, ball cap, white crew socks and requisite loud sports shirt. “We didn’t want to go casting for that,” Scullin explained. “I was dorky enough.”
Scullin said he does not plan to appear in future productions because of legal troubles. Since he did not pay himself for his ad work, he is now suing himself, acting as his own lawyer.
-Jim Osterman