Partners & Simons Tames Wildfire Comm.

BOSTON – Partners & Simons here changes tack in its latest print campaign for Wildfire Communications, eschewing cute visuals for a more serious, text-based approach targeting large phone companies.
Ads showcase various carriers that have successfully partnered with the Lexington, Mass.-based client, which provides cutting-edge telecommunications technology.
“Pacific Bell Wireless casts Wildfire in starring role. Subscribers give two thumbs up,” one ad begins. Copy goes on to explain that “Wildfire can place, receive and screen calls, manage messages and quickly route calls to users at any number.”
Ads close with a toll-free phone number and the client’s Web address (
The effort will run through September in mainly wireless technology publications in the U.S. and abroad. Spending was not disclosed but is believed to be in the low seven figures. The client handled media placement.
Past campaigns have been a bit lighter in tone, featuring humorous scenarios involving Alexander Graham Bell and comparing Wildfire technology to mousetraps.
Though the target audience for the new ads remains large carriers that buy and resell Wildfire services, a more mature tone and theme were called for, said client representative Leslie Anderson.
“The audience is pretty conservative,” Anderson said. “We’ve learned more about them over time” and found that a direct approach works best when appealing to techie-types and corporate decision makers, she said.