Partners to Decode nCipher

After considering un-disclosed boutique shops and full-service agencies, nCipher has named Partners & Simons to handle its domestic advertising account.

“The way they operate their business model fits pretty closely with how we want to go forward,” said nCipher director of marketing Linda Johnson.

The budget is estimated in the low seven figures.

The scope of the work has not been determined, but Partners & Simons will handle ad chores and possibly develop a tagline for the company, Johnson said. Online and direct response may also be in the mix.

In addition, the Boston agency will aid nCipher, which was founded in 1996 in Cambridge, UK, and has U.S. headquarters in Wo-burn, Mass., in extending its positioning from acceleration to network security.

“The biggest problem facing anyone in the security group right now is whether or not there is enough awareness and fear so that people search out the appropriate safeguards and solutions,” said Partners & Simons principal Gib Trub.

The account is being led by account director Todd Baird.