Park Place Pools Media Bucks

R&R Partners is the big winner in a consolidation of advertising for Park Place Entertainment’s eight Nevada casinos.

The Las Vegas agency stands to gain about $20 million in new business without a review, the client said. Included is a $5 million account from Caesars, which had been handled by Grey in Los Angeles, and a $4 million account from Bally’s Casino, formerly at Temerlin McClain in Irving, Texas. Project work that had been parceled out to smaller shops will also go to R&R.

“This is part of an ongoing process to streamline and consolidate,” said PPE senior vice president of corporate communications Robert Stewart. “This is very consistent with what we have been doing on a corporate basis.”

The client, whose 28 U.S. casino properties generate annual revenue of nearly $5 billion, installed new leadership in late 2000 following the death of president and CEO Arthur Goldberg. His successor, Tom Gallager, has lookedto achieve costsavings through greater efficiencies, sources said.

R&R CEO Billy Vassiliadis said the decision to shift the accounts came after a series of informal conversations between the agency and PPE management.

“We had an ongoing dialog and a lot of ‘What would you do?’ conversations,” said Vassiliadis. “They reached a comfort level with us based on our experience. Their corporate leadership is also here in Las Vegas.”

R&R’s clients include the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Au-thority and the Mandalay Resort Group, which runs three casinos.

R&R’s work for a rival casino was not a problem for PPE.

“Of course we gave them the green light,” said PPE senior vice president of marketing and events John Marz. “R&R is an agency that has enough depth to put up fire walls between the accounts. We also feel that, with their experience, they may be able to grow the pie for both of us.”