Parable Sells A Thing Or Two

Want some “Things?” Starting today, you can take them from Jones Soda’s Web site.
The Canadian soft-drink purveyor has teamed up with Newton, Mass.-based Parable to form “Jones Things.”
Used for enlivening personal home pages, “Things” are multimedia images created by Parable that can be downloaded free of charge–perfect for the computer-savvy Gen X market targeted by Jones Soda.
In an irreverent tone, Jones Soda’s Web site ( asks, “You want the Thing? Take the Thing.”
Parable executives say its relationship with Jones Soda and other “content partners”–such as WGBH-TV, Hasbro and Tripod–works because “Things” can easily be taken and scattered around the Web. That means more exposure for the brands, whose logos are embedded in the images. –Sarah Jones