With more and more women shopping on the Internet, startup magazine hotdots is betting they’ll turn to print first before going online.

The new women’s periodical and itscompanion Web site provide insight into buying on the Internet.

Designed to offer consumers accessible and credible shopping assistance, the bi-monthly is about to hit newsstands nationwide. Between its covers are products and services that have been rated by in-house experts.

Hotdots’ table of contents is organized like a fashion magazine sans the puffy features that often get in the way.

Coverage, however, is not restricted to the glories of acquisition. An article about Christmas trees delivers comparisons of Fraser and Douglas firs before its focus shifts to howto buy an evergreenonline. A cover feature on actress Sela Ward highlights her holiday gift ideas.

The magazine is published by Southern Progress, a subsidiaryof Time Inc. in Birmingham, Ala.