Ornelas Makes Nissan ‘Larger Than Life’

DALLAS Ornelas & Associates’ latest Spanish-language television spot for the Nissan Altima shows snapshots of daily life and how the right car can make it all possible.

The Dallas agency’s 30-second commercial opens with an Altima moving along a winding road. The car is next seen parked near a picturesque lake as children run and play in the background. In ensuing scenes, a dad pumps gas as he makes faces at his daughter through the window, a woman pulls groceries from her trunk and a couple kisses at a drive-thru. The final shot shows a man and woman driving side by side. As she passes him, a voiceover says, “The passionate and powerful Nissan Altima. For the road you haven’t crossed.”

“Larger Than Life” and a spot for the Nissan Sentra broke last week on Spanish-language television.

Nissan spent $5 million on media last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, mostly on Altima and its trucks.