Ore-Ida Begins Bay Area Search

SAN FRANCISCO-Ore-Ida Foods has decided to put its $10-15 million Bagel Bites account into review and will invite California ad agencies to participate. The account also includes the DynaBites, HotBites and Rosetto Pasta brands.
“We are about to initiate the invitation process,” said Meg Carlson, vice president of Boise, Idaho-based Ore-Ida, a subsidiary of H.J. Heinz Co. “We are looking in California, but ideally would like to develop a list of agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area.”
The San Francisco office of Foote, Cone & Belding resigned the account last month after winning a $20 million pizza snacks account from GrandMet’s Pillsbury Co.
“We feel we had a good relationship with Ore-Ida,” said FCB representative Tom Robbins. “But we had a conflict of interest between Bagel Bites and the products in our new account with Pillsbury.”
The Bagel Bites account will include national print and TV. The proposed $10-15 million annual budget marks a slight bump from previous expenditures, estimated at $10 million. The increase is intended to keep Ore-Ida competitive with Pillsbury’s upcoming $20 million ad effort for its pizza snacks, sources said.