As computer systems experts gather in New York this week for the annual PC Expo, they will not be able to escape reminders of a related technology– the network computer or NC.

Reminders will be plastered on signs at airports, on billboards, bus cards, taxi tops and possibly the large-screen video display in Times Square. Behind it all is Oracle Corp., the $1 billion Redwood Shores, Calif., computer company. Oracle is spending over $1 million to alert techies attending the exhibit to its upcoming event announcing its latest NC development.

Think New Ideas’ Hollywood, Calif., office (the recently merged venture involving Fathom) created and executed the ‘guerrilla’ campaign. The simple red and white message reads, ‘NC Expo. Starts June 24th. Oracle.’ The agency will follow that with a print campaign to coincide with Oracle’s June 24 announcement about its new NC.

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