OpTel Names Hadeler

DALLAS – Hadeler Sullivan & Law here has won the advertising account of telecommunications specialist OpTel Inc., estimated by sources at $3-4 million.
Dallas-based OpTel bundles cable, telephone and high-speed Internet access services for residents of multi-unit housing communities. The firm serves about 400,000 customers through microwave or fiber-optic connections, according to Hoover’s Online.
HS&L’s advertising campaign will be the first major effort launched by four-year-old OpTel, a subsidiary of Canadian cable operator Groupe Videotron. The agency will focus on market positioning, branding and logo development, said Angie Brown, OpTel’s director of consumer marketing.
The campaign will primarily involve direct marketing at the properties where the client has access. The goal will be to convince customers to switch from traditional carriers such as Southwestern Bell and America Online to the all-in-one convenience of OpTel.
Brown declined to comment further on the campaign, hinting that there may be some new business developments in the works. OpTel, which filed a proposed public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission one year ago, rescinded that offer earlier this year.
“We’re redefining some business goals right now and there’s not a lot that I’m prepared to say about where our business is headed at the moment,” Brown said.
OpTel’s current markets are in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Miami-Fort Lauderdale and Orlando-Tampa, Fla.